"add" or "additional" button / field

Is there a way to add a repeating or additional field, such as children in a divorce?
Question - How many children do you have?
Answer - 4
Then field for Child 1, Child 2, etc w/ names, ages, etc

Hi Nathan,

Yes, you can build these with conditional inputs.

Here is an example on how you can build these fields; so they only appear when you need them.


So here is the part where I would need assistance…how would you build the template to know how many there will be…i.e. 2 children, 4 children, 1 child…?

Inputs could be different each time

Hi, adeatherage -

I would recommend first thinking about the highest number of children you want to automate your document ( that covers 80-90% of your cases).

Then you can create the conditional inputs for each of these options. I have attached a sample template that shows how to ask the children’s names ( up to 4) and how you can use conditional fields to insert this information into your document by using Woodpecker Macros.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Children condition.docx (20.4 KB)

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Thank you so much for the example - super helpful

Here is what I am trying to do…signature lines for the number of guarantors

I have the part down for number of guarantors and entering the guarantors names

Not sure how to do individual signature lines for the number of guarantors

e.g. let’s say there are two guarantors

then I would need

Guarantor Name 1

Guarantor Name 2

You need to build a conditional sentence to handle this dynamic signature line as follows:

This way, your signature line will always be dynamic based on the number your clients/you selected

I adjusted the previous document, so you now have a Signature block field :slight_smile: see it attached.
Guarantors.docx (20.4 KB)

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Thank you so very much!!

You’re welcome.

If there is anything else that you’d be interested to learn, feel free to start a conversation :slight_smile: