Autofill Fields by Linking Data to Database

What about a feature that dynamically links fields to a database where values are stored and can be easily and dynamically populated into the Woodpecker panel fields?

The simple use case is storing data that is repeatedly used in Woodpecker, such as follows:

For example, a structured way to use auto complete as both a standard function but also a hyper specific function that links to a stored database (or a database that can be saved based on the information in the form).

To give you an example of what Iā€™m thinking:

Field: Company Name

I input [My Company Name, LLC] and that shows a dropdown box with values stored in the system:
ā€¢ Suggestion # 1: Stored Address #1
ā€¢ Suggestion # 2: Stored Address #2

Then data could EASILY be inputted across all fields or individually. Kind of like how Autofill/autocomplete works for most mobile phones.

We do this all the time with:
ā€¢ saved passwords
ā€¢ credit card information
ā€¢ e-commerce
ā€¢ Google searches
ā€¢ All mobile forms, generally

Exactly when and how this would work is up to your imagination but having this feature would be hugely helpful because it eases one of the biggest pain points which is data entry.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion @chrisharvey :wave:

This is definitely something that is on our roadmap as folks have been asking for it for some time. I will make sure to pass this feedback onto our product team and they will be in touch with you once this feature set moves to the top of the queue.

Thanks again!

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