Automate Pronouns in your Template

You can easily automate pronouns in your templates with conditional fields.

  1. The first step in implementing a conditional field is to identify the field that your conditional field will depend on. If you don’t have an existing field, the simplest way to do this is to create a “single select” field with a predefined list of options, for example, Client Gender.

  2. After you’ve created the field that a new conditional field could depend on, you can create your conditional field and specify your IF statement:

    IF the “Client Gender” is equal to “Male” 
  3. In the THEN statement, type what you want to see in the document when the Client Gender is equal to Male: e.g. “he”

  4. Click “Add a condition” and do the same for “Female”.

    IF the “Client Gender” is equal to “Female”  THEN "she"

  1. If your document also includes Possessive or Object Pronouns, you need to create new fields. You can simply duplicate the previous conditional field, and adjust accordingly.

Get these pre-built fields here.