Best way to hide text if data is not entered

Good morning,
When including the parties of an agreement, i would like to have our agreements capable of showing multiple options, but only some of them are compulsory.
For instance, a party can go from:
{First name A} {Surname A}, of full age, holding {Document type A} {Document number A}.
{First name A} {Surname A}, of full age, {Marital status A}, {Profession A}, of {Nationality A} nationality, with address for these purposes in {Address A} and holding {Document type A} {Document number A}. E-mail address {Email A}.

The problem is that there are not only void fields, but also commas to separate them and text to introduce
What would be the optimal way of programming this with the minimum number of fields?

i’d like to make the questionnaires complete, so if someone wants to fill in the fields, they appear, but if they don’t, to have a “clean text”.

I have tried conditionals, but in the end it ends “if {A} is empty, and {B} is empty, and {C} is empty, and {D} is empty, then…”

This way the conditional field ends ub with 16 or more options, with specific texts just to eliminate the “commas”…


Hi Pelayo,

Thanks for reaching out!

I would recommend breaking the optional fields into smaller groups. If you have many of these questions and want to combine them all in one conditional field, you’ll have too many options to cover all cases.

The best is to go with 3 options in one conditional field and have the following 8 conditions. (1,2,3 means the specific question, and Yes=Y, No=N for different responses.)

1=N 2=N 3=N
1=Y 2=N 3=N
1=N 2=Y 3=N
1=N 2=N 3=Y
1=Y 2=Y 3=N
1=Y 2=N 3=Y
1=N 2=Y 3=Y
1=Y 2=Y 3=Y

I have also attached an example, and you can just reuse the fields, so you don’t have to build the conditional parts from scratch.

Empty not empty conditionals.docx (21.2 KB)