Conditional fields not populating template when using Populate Multiple

Good morning. I’m having an issue with some conditional fields not populating a template when using Populate Multiple. The conditional fields appear correctly in the template when that template is the only document being worked on. However, when I populate that same template through Populate Multiple, the document that is generated just has the brackets for the field names.

Good morning!

When analyzing this document, I noticed many of the individual fields are inserted side by side on a single line in the document. This is not the best way to construct the document with conditionals, because Word could lose the placeholder of the excluded fields when conditions are satisfied/un-satisfied. I suspect this is the issue.

A better way to construct these types of fields is to concatenate them into a “helper” field, then insert that field into the document. This gives you greater control over how they are spaced and concatenated with various other strings (commas, semi-colons, etc.).

Thanks for reaching out! If you have any questions regarding this structure, please let me know.