Conditional fields: Which THEN statements should I use?

The conditional fields always have an IF and a THEN statement. When it comes to the THEN statement you can choose from 5 options:

Group 1:

The language you enter into the THEN statement textbox will be automatically inserted into the document if the conditions are met. These fields work in the backend and don't require user input.

Single Line Text: one-line input field

Multiline text: multiline input field where you can represent full paragraphs

Rich text: you can specify full paragraphs with custom styling.

Group 2:

These two options will create follow-up questions and they dynamically appear on your templates.

Single select: creates an additional dropdown
Example: Are you married? If “Yes” create a dropdown option for the Spouse’s gender. (otherwise, this field is hidden)

Input: creates an additional free text field
Example: Are you married? If “Yes” create fields for Spouse. (otherwise, this field is hidden)