Copied Fields insert below original Field

Hi! One feature I’d love to see would be if when I go to create a copy of an existing field it populates directly below the field I am copying, instead of down at the bottom of all the fields.

I frequently use documents with 50+ fields, so it can be difficult to move a copied field up on the bottom of the field list to exactly the right location.


Hi, @Thomas -

Welcome to our community! We are excited to see you here!

Thank you for the excellent product suggestion; I will pass it along to our product team as an item for the future roadmap. :bulb:

In the meantime, there is a way to drag and drop a field faster: if you’re using a trackpad, click on the field, hold with your thumb on the trackpad and then drag on the trackpad with your index and middle finger to re-order the field. (You should be able to accomplish the same thing with a mouse.:computer_mouse:)

Below is a short .gif to illustrate how much faster you can re-order fields using this method.

Hope this helps!


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