Custom Branding for the Questionnaire Feature

Hi again,

I have been playing around with the questionnaire feature. I really like the functionality, but I’m a little hesitant to send it to clients right now. It would be great if there was a way for me to add my own logos and other branding to the feature. Is there a way to do this right now?


Great to hear that you are enjoying the questionnaire feature. Your timing could not be more perfect! We actually just started a beta program for the custom branding (white labeling) feature. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to and someone from our team will be in touch regarding the details!

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In the custom branding, it would be great to hide woodpecker email (send it from the user’s account) and be able to personalize the email for each template/questionnaire.

It is also quite strange that, even with custom branding, when a client fills in a form, they get a woodpecker ad at the end. It makes the image of the firm look quite strange.

Hi @pdesalvador :wave:,

Thanks for the additional requests. I do agree that it would be great to be able to send the email from the user’s email address. There are some technical challenges with this as it would require our email provider to authenticate said user’s email address. However, I will report this request to the product team.

For the additional inquiry, can you please share some additional information with us? Perhaps a screenshot of the Woodpecker ad after the questionnaire submission. I double checked and I do not see such behavior if a user has custom branding and uploads their own logo and firm name. You can provide the details here or at

Thanks, I have just checked it again and it does not appear the woodpecker ad.

Not a problem! We appreciate the feedback.