E-Signature on Woodpecker Templates

Woodpecker templates are DOCX or PDF files, so you can use a third-party program (e.g. Docusign or Hello Sign) for this functionality easily.

For example, you could use DocuSign alongside Woodpecker. First, you would add the DocuSign placeholders at the location of the signature line. After you populate the template with Woodpecker, you would upload your template to DocuSign and DocuSign will fill in those placeholders, giving you a secure way to sign a document.

MyCase Users
Now that Woodpecker is integrated with MyCase, getting e-signatures for MyCase users is fully automated:

  1. Generate your Woodpecker templates from within MyCase (they are automatically saved back to MyCase).
  2. Use MyCase e-signature to then e-sign the documents that you’ve generated from within MyCase.