Formatting Text in Clauses

HI, question on your clauses feature. I need to have formatting control for the clauses when being inserrted. Is this not possible with this feature. Thanks Jane

Hi, Jane-

You have formatting options available to you if you change the Clause format to rich text.

Also, one thing to note: there is a strange bug in Word that affects the alignment options in our rich text fields. (just alignment and none of the other rich text options).

If you change the alignment, you’ll need to leave a blank line after your last line of text. It’s our current workaround for the bug. Our engineering team is working on building a technical workaround for it.


Why won’t the inserted text automatically conform to the formatting within the word style in which I add the clause? Hopefully this makes sense.

Hi, Spencer -

In general multiline text inherits the formatting of the core document, while Rich text allows you to format your Clauses to your liking before it gets inserted into the document.

I’d like to look at the document to further advise on this.

Can you please send me the following to

  • the populated document, highlighting the text how it got inserted

  • the original formatting of the Clause,

This way, I can review both formatting and what potentially caused the issue.