Have you considered including other languages, such as Spanish?

The tool is great, but it lacks some other languages, such as Spanish, German, etc.

Being able to use the “NUMBERTOWORDS” formula or dates in Spanish would be awesome!

Hi Pelayo, thanks for bringing this up! This is something that’s been on our roadmap and is still being considered. I’ll be sure to mention this to our Engineering and Product Teams and will follow up on if/when we’ll have this functionality. Thank you!

Hey @pdesalvador I heard back from our Product Team and they confirmed that this is a feature (NUMBERTOWORDS formula in Spanish) that we’ll be rolling out in the near-future. I’ll update this topic once it’s released!

Hi @pdesalvador,

Just wanted to let you know that we released a new formula called NUMBERSTOWORDSLANG. This works just like the regular NUMBERSTOWORDS function, but it allows you to specify a second language parameter. It can be used like this: NUMBERSTOWORDSLANG(11, "es") => once.

Please see below for a full list of language options.

Language lang
English en
Portuguese (Brazil) pt
Portuguese (Portugal) ptPT
Spanish es
French fr
Esperanto eo
Vietnamese vi
Arabic ar
Azerbaijan az
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Indonesian id
Russian ru
English (Indian) enIndian