Having trouble logging in

I’m unable to log in to Woodpecker for some reason

Hi @mbrady, thanks for reaching out. Do you mean that you can’t see Woodpecker in the Word ribbon?

If so, Word requires version Word 2016 16.0.6769 or later for “Add-in commands” to display in the command ribbon (i.e. the Woodpecker button on the “Home” tab). If you’re on an older version of Word (pre 2016) you’ll need to launch it from the “My Add-ins” button in the Insert tab. See below.

If this is not the issue you’re having, can you provide more detail to help me determine what the issue might be?

To launch Woodpecker from an earlier version of Word:

  1. Click on Insert
  2. Select My add-ins

  1. Click on the Woodpecker icon