How to Create Dynamic Signature Lines

1. Create the field that your conditional field will depend on

2. Create the “Name of Clients” fields, to automatically display or hide, based on the number of Clients you have.

The first field name is the “Name of Client 1” and the conditional is the following: IF “Number of Clients” is greater than 0, THEN type “Input”.

The next field will be similar, so duplicate the previous field and change the conditional sentence as follows: IF “Number of Clients” is greater than 1, THEN type “Input”.

“Input” in this case means that when the conditional sentence is true, Woodpecker will insert this additional field into the template. This will create a dynamic workflow and ensures that you filled all the fields needed in the template.

3.Create a Conditional field for the Signature Line.

To assemble the final signature line, we’ll create a Conditional field and set up two conditions.
The signature line will pull in the name of Client 1 and Client 2 and form a final signature line depending on whether a value is specified for one or two Clients.

Signature line condition part 1

Signature line condition part 2

Edit the same field and add an additional condition here:

4. Insert the field in the document