How to Insert Optional Fields in Your Templates that are not required to fill in all Cases

When you don’t enter information into a field ( this field may not apply to all the cases you have), it will insert the field name in your document.

There are two ways to set up these fields in your template, so they don’t get populated when you don’t need them.

1. Set up a default value
If you don’t enter any information into a field but have a default value set up, the default value will be populated in your Word document. If you set up a space “ “ (hit the space button on your keyboard) as a default value, it will automatically insert a space equal to leaving it blank in your word document.

2. Create conditional fields and use the “empty” and “not empty” conditions
We condition that if the field is empty ( so no information is entered), we don’t have this field appear in the document . If the field is not empty ( so information is entered), we want this field to appear in the document.

Here is a sample template that shows both options:
Optional Fields.docx (21.4 KB)