How to Reference to a Value/Data of a Field Across Other Fields

Woodpecker macros offer a simple way to utilize a field’s value across other fields.

For example if you had a “Client name” field, you can simply enter “{Client name}” within another field and Woodpecker will dynamically insert the value of “Client name” into the new field where it is referenced.

Macros can be particularly helpful when used alongside Conditional fields to reference other values that have already been specified.

To use a macro within a field, simply click the “Insert field” icon on the right side of the input box and select the field that you’d like to reference.

Using macros

Macros can be utilized within any field and can reference any other field. Simply specify the name of another field in brackets (“{Field name}”) and Woodpecker will dynamically insert the value of the referenced field as soon as you click the “Populate” button.

Here’s an example:

Field #1: Client name = John Smith

Field #2: Client address = {Client name} lives at 123 Main St.

After inserting “Field #2” into the document and clicking “Populate”, the value for “Field #2” becomes: John smith lives at 123 Main St.

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