[New Formula] - Handle Errors in a Formula Field

We are happy to highlight a new custom formula, IFERROR. You can use this formula to properly handle errors generated by other formula fields. If a formula that is wrapped in the IFERROR function evaluates to an error, a value you specify is displayed instead of the error. If the formula does not evaluate to an error, the result of the function is returned.

This function works exactly like the IFERROR function you may be familiar with from Excel.

Example Usage

IFERORR(parameter1, parameter2), where parameter1 is another formula and where parameter2 is the fallback value. The second parameter is optional and when it is not included, the formula field will be excluded from the document.

IFERROR(DIVIDE(4,0), 0) => 0

IFERROR(DIVIDE(4,2), 0) => 2

For additional information as well as our full selection of formula options, please check out our Formula Documentation.