Recovering Woodpecker templates

Why is this happening?

Microsoft made a recent update to Word that is confusing store IDs for all Add-ins. A “Store ID” tells Word where the add-in was installed from (from within Word, from the app store, etc.).

This confusion of Store IDs is currently preventing add-ins from accessing data within Word document.

To compensate for this, we’ve released a “document recovery” feature that acts as a workaround until Microsoft fixes this bug (the Microsoft team is aware of this issue and we continue to work with them to resolve it as soon as possible).

How does this affect you?

Due to the bug, if Woodpecker was installed from inside Word on one device, and from a web browser (our website, or Word online) on another device, Word will not recognize Woodpecker templates as belonging to the same add-in.

Woodpecker will continue to recover templates that experience this issue (when two different installation sources of Woodpecker are causing a conflict) until this Word bug has been remedied.

To eliminate this recovery process, make sure that everyone is using a version of Woodpecker that came from the same source - either our website or from within Word - so the store IDs are the same.

If users have installed Woodpecker from two different sources (the app store from within Word and the app store from a browser for instance), each user should uninstall Woodpecker and reinstall it from the same source.

This solution effectively addresses the Word bug, and you won’t have to constantly be recovering documents on which multiple team members are working.

Instructions for removing Woodpecker can be found here:

And you can reinstall from our website here:

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues with this solution.

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