Reuse Information

Is there a way to reuse information that I entered into Woodpecker in a different document than the one where it was originally entered?

Hi JulietBeltran,

Thanks for reaching out! You can reuse fields across your documents by following these steps:

Copy field data from one document

To reuse fields from one document in another, simply navigate to the Menu and click the “Reuse fields” menu item. Click the “Copy field data” button.

Select your fields

Next, you will be shown a screen with the list of fields in your document. By default, all fields will be selected. If you wish to only copy a subset of your fields, you can uncheck the fields you do not want to export. Once you have chosen your fields, click “Copy to clipboard”. The selected fields will be copied to your clipboard.

Paste field data in another document

Open up any document, navigate to the Menu and click the “Reuse fields” menu item. You’ll see the same page from before where you copied your field data. Paste the field data from before using “control + v” (PC) or “command + v” (Mac), or right-click inside the input field and click “Paste.” Click the “Import field data” button and Woodpecker will automatically recreate the fields from your previous document.