Set a Default Value for Any Field

Did you know you can set an optional default value for almost any of your Woodpecker fields?*

For instance, here are the default options available for a Date field:

You can also use clauses from your Clause Library and values from other fields as default values:

Order of Operations:

If a field has a default value, and a custom value hasn’t been specified, the field will pre-populate with the default value you’ve specified.

Below is the order in which Woodpecker will pre-populate fields:

“Custom value” - any time you manually enter values into fields, they will persist across subsequent launches of the app. To wipe custom values, click the “Clear all” button at the bottom of the app.

“Default value” - if you’ve not entered a custom value or you’ve used “Clear all,” and you’ve specified a default value, the field will be assigned its default value.

“Blank” - if there is no “custom value” and no default value, the field will be blank.