Set up fields that only appear if there is a value for it.

How do I set up fields in my forms to appear only if there is a value for it - for instance, in a letter, I want to have a field for a person’s middle name or suffix, but have those appear only if there is a middle name or suffix included in the information entered into the Woodpecker panel for that particular letter. Thanks.

Hi JulietBeltran,

Thanks for reaching out!

Using a conditional field would be the best way to achieve this!

I’ve attached an example file to handle a situation like the one you described. For this example, it only populates the middle name if there’s a name entered! The same could be done for a prefix, suffix, or any piece of information that you may not want to populate every time.

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any other questions!


Client Full Name.docx (20 KB)