Store Client Data for Reuse

:thinking: Need multiple documents for a client matter, but don’t need to create them all at once?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Have partial client information to enter now and additional data to enter at another point in time?

Avoid duplicate data entry by creating a source file. A source file is essentially a template containing only Woodpecker fields, all of the fields you need for a specific client matter.


  1. Create a new document in Word
  2. Launch Woodpecker
  3. Create all the fields you might need in Woodpecker’s side panel
  4. Insert the fields into the blank document
  5. Enter your client’s data in the fields
  6. Populate the document
  7. Save document with client name (so you don’t overwrite the core template in your Collection)
  8. Upload to Document Collection


  1. Download document with client name from Document Collection
  2. Launch Woodpecker (notice data are still in the Woodpecker fields because you haven’t cleared them)
  3. Enter any new data you need
  4. Select multi-populate
  5. Choose the templates you want to populate with the client data