Suppress line in Word if Calculated Field is empty


I’m new to Woodpecker, and still figuring things out. I understand how to create calculated fields that only display if the condition is met. But I have not figured out how to insert the calculated field into Word so that it appears on its own line, but if the field is empty I don’t want the line to appear in the Word document.

Any tips or advice are appreciated!

Hi, trubane -

The trick is to merge that field with the previous sentence/ paragraph you have in the document using an additional, conditional sentence. This way, either the previous sentence/paragraph will be inserted or both. Technically we leave out the option of inserting an empty placeholder.

Please see how it looks like in a template, and I also described the steps below:

Conditional sentence

1)Let’s say you have trigger question: “Should second paragraph be inserted?” with an option of Y/N

2)If you answer “YES,” you would have the new field displayed to add your text.

3)Instead of inserting this field, create a new conditional field:

First condition:
IF the second paragraph is equal to YES
“This is the first paragraph.
{Conditional Sentence}”

Note: “{ }” around the field name is a Macro which refers to the field we created previously

Second condition:
IF the second paragraph is equal to NO
“This is the first paragraph.”

Does this make sense? Feel free to reach out to me directly at if you need more assistance, happy to help :slight_smile:

I also attached the sample template for review.
Conditional sentence.docx (20.2 KB)

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Yes, that makes perfect sense! Thank you.