Templates in your Document Collection vs. in your Local Computer

The Document Collection is cloud-based storage that allows you and your team to access your templates anywhere on any computer.

The Document Collection should be only used for empty templates ( that don’t have any client information inserted).

When you have built your template and are ready to save a template to your Collection, always ensure that they are “Empty”:

  1. Click “Clear all”: this will remove client data from your Woodpecker Side Panel
  2. Click “Populate” This will populate the field names in your Word document instead of client data.

Now you’re ready to save the document to your Collection by clicking the “Save” icon in your Woodpecker Side panel.

When you start using your Templates and draft your documents with client information, use the Microsoft Word “Save” or “Save as” option instead of the Woodpecker" Save" option, so your client documents are saved on your local computer, and your template won’t get updated.