Using Bulk Insert to Automate the Insertion of Woodpecker Fields into Your Document

Inserting Woodpecker fields across your document can be time-consuming, especially if you have fields that are used many times throughout your document (like “Pronoun” or “Client name”).

Instead of manually searching for each field in your document, Woodpecker’s Bulk insert function can automatically insert your fields at every instance of the word or phrase in the document.

Compatibility Notice: You’ll need to have Word 2016 or later to use the “bulk insert” feature. The “bulk insert” feature requires the Word API 1.3 Requirement Set which is only available with versions of Word later than Word 2016 (learn more here).

Bulk insert your fields

Click the down arrow next to the field name and select Bulk insert.

Type in a word or phrase for Woodpecker to search for and Woodpecker will insert the selected field at every occurrence of the word or phrase that you specify.

You can read more about Bulk Insert in our Help Center.