Woodpecker works with .doc files?

Hi. I am new to Woodopecker. I was running through the webinars today. My documents run through WORD One Drive and they .doc documents and not .docx documents.
When I launch a document, the Woodpecker automation is greyed out and does not launch. Is that because is it .doc and not .docx?

Hi amacfarlane,

Thank you for reaching out! Yes, that’s correct! Woodpecker is specifically looking for .docx files, other filetypes will cause that greying out.

To resolve that, you’d have to convert the document to .docx and then open it again! That can be done by opening it in Word, then clicking “Save as”. You should see .docx in the dropdown where filetypes listed, all you have to do is select that and hit “Save”!

Once that’s done, you shouldn’t see the Woodpecker button greyed out anymore for that converted document.

Let us know if you have any other questions we can assist with!