Woodpecker zip folder link not working

I’m using Zapier to integrate my google forms with woodpecker, however, my woodpecker zip links are dead when I get them.

Do you know what might be happening? Thanks!

Thanks for reaching out!

The links are only good for one hour; it sounds like you might not be getting to them within that timeframe.

That said, we’d recommend adding another step in your Zapier flow to have the completed, populated documents sent to your email or to a document management platform, like Dropbox, Box, or even Google Drive. It’s the same zap, just another action.

To have them sent to your email: Just map the link to the attachment field and Zapier will automatically attach the contents that live at the link as an attachment.

Below is an article with more information about to set up an action to have the documents sent to one of the document management options.

Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile: